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Aujourd'hui le 17 janvier 2020


The company Equilibri-Vie inc. was founded in 2008 in Quebec (Canada) by François Picard. Mr. Picard holds a Ph.D. in molecular microbiology and has more than 25 years of experience in research and development.

His high sensitivity to human actions that negatively affect the planet and his passion for outdoor activities practiced in harmony with nature greatly contributed to his desire to help our dying planet.

In 2007, he invented the EcoloTOP concept to convert various standard waste bins in public or private places to two-way collection of waste. Subsequently, Mr. Picard has voluntarily left his job as a researcher in molecular biology to focus on the development and marketing of his invention.

EcoloTOP is an innovative and practical system to go green while keeping the existing fleet of waste bins in an area or a room. It is therefore a sustainable development solution very cost effective compared to buying new waste bins with 2 compartments.

Poubelle à double compartiments pour recyclage et déchets
pesée en acier de 210 g (0.5 lb) pour empêcher leur ouverture par forts vents
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