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Aujourd'hui le 18 mai 2021


EcoloTOP is made of recycled plastic (HDPE) parts highly resistant to UV rays and impact.

Has a central hinge with a stainless steel rod to open/close each flap and each half-lid.

Each half is provided with an inverted U-shaped ring and a flap having an opening in the shape of a half-moon to secure a plastic bag.

The removable optional lid clipped to each flap is equipped with a zinc plated steel weighing of 210 g (0.5 lb) to prevent rust. Available with or without a hole of 10 cm in diameter.

The optional attachment system consists of a stainless steel cable of 18 in covered with black PVC and 2 aluminum rings.

Available diameters: 55 cm (22 in) and 60 cm (24 in).


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